key2smallGold Key Service is included with all of our estate planning portfolios, whether will-based or trust based.


What is Gold Key Service?

It starts with making digitized copies of your important documents for safety and convenience.

After the flooding in Katrina and more recently in Baton Rouge, we have seen first-hand the importance of having a system of redundancy in place so that important documents are not lost. We had one client recently lose all their important papers in their safe deposit box when their bank flooded.

We certify all of the documents we provide as part of our Portfolio Planning and provide those copies for you on both a gold flash drive and online with your own personal password protected directory on our Website.


Gold Key Service continues after your documents are completed.

If you need to amend your documents, we will take care of that for you without charge for the first year.

If any at any time after your documents are completed there are important changes in the law that we feel will impact your estate planning, we will meet with you to explain those changes –without charge.

We will also update our Websites with updated information and automatically notify you of those updates.