Money has many colorsMoney isn’t just green. It can have several colors. It just depends on how closely you look at it.

For example, you can consider money to be risky or non-risky. In short, money can be “I know so” money or it can be “I hope so” money, depending on the degree of risk.

Will your money be there through retirement? If you answer “I hope so” then you need to reconsider how you are invested. When it comes to retirement planning, you need to be able to say that you have plenty of “I know so” money.

Looking at the familiar example of a traffic light, we compare “I know so” money to green. Green means it is safe to move forward. Red, or “I hope so” money, involves risk: come to a complete stop and proceed only when it is safe.

There are also investments that might not be either red or green money. They may be yellow money, or “slow down and proceed with caution.”

Look at your own portfolio. How much can you say is “I know so” money ? Let us help you analyze where you where you are versus where you should be.